As former Nintendo Power greats, Jason and Jenni took the news that Nintendo Power would soon be shipping its last issue like a Deku Nut to the head.

We’ve been seeing tributes around the internet, and decided to throw our two gold coins in. Then we thought, hey, we know a lot of the former…

I’m almost certain that some of these people were Counselors at the Official Camp Hyrule years ago. So this is completely relevant. Yep.

Rest in peace Nintendo Power. I stopped reading you years ago, but thanks for the good memories from back then. :]

Oh, Nintendo actually acknowledged that gamers outside of Japan might have an interest in reading these sorts of things.

How nice. :]

Edit-There are now preorders for 40% off at Amazon.

Confession time: One of the things I remember most about family vacations is the music of Mario Golf GBC playing on my little earbuds. I put hours upon hours upon hours into that little game. I didn’t even mind it when my data was erased (I think GBC games are vulnerable to that). I just went right back through it, from beginning to unlocking Wario. So yes-I was one of those who was upset when Mario Tennis Open did not have role-playing elements.

Did anyone else have similar experiences? What was your game of choice as a kid when on a road trip?

As we get into the wait between when Camp Hyrule 2012 ended and before Wii U finally gets a release date, I thought people might appreciate having a meaty Wii RPG to play for cheap.

(Deep Discount could care less about this Tumblr and isn’t sponsoring anything about this post). :D

So, I for one am anxiously awaiting the release of Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. If you’re in the same boat, this little retro-styled Flash game might tide you over. Enjoy!


It has been an honor and a privilege to act as your camper. I am sure that Kitty would join me in thanking you all for all your incredible participation, and making this a great camp for everyone.

If you’d like to keep in touch with us between now and next year, you can communicate with me through here and with Kitty through here. Do admire her newest cosplay while you’re at it. :3

And, of course, none of this could have possible with all the hard work and dedication from our leader, Wariofan63. Please give him your warmest thanks and congratulations on a job well done on his Tumblr over here. Not here, although he’s nice too. ;D

Hope to see you all next year!


Kitty would absolutely like to add that she is so proud that you all came out to join us for this event I know it was tough and filled with problems but I will enjoy all the memories we made together if any of you ever need anything please do not hesitate to ask. It has been a privilege to be your counselor and I do hope you will join us again next year!


CH Bingo Cabin 4 Final Results

So many filled spaces! Great job all around everyone. Even if we never get a final tally, know that you’re all winners in my eyes. :)

Final Voting Hullabaloo: The Results

Face Painting Nexev

Entry #4, courtesy of thesuggestedpigeon!

Face Painting Cat

Entry #6, courtesy of thesuggestedpigeon!

Two for two! :D

Paper Mario

Three way tie!

Entry #4, courtesy of hndrewaussie!

Entry #3, by silentnoisemaker!

And, of course, Entry #7, by thesuggestedpigeon!

Sadly, no one voted for any scary stories. But I read them all and they were all wonderful. So kudos to everyone. ^^;

So, it turns out that we didn’t have enough of a turn-out for Camp Hyrule Closing Ceremonies. As always, deepest apologies.

But good news! As a backup, I have decided to treat you all to a night of fun and frivolry on my synchtube channel. Camp Hyrule related, all night long!

Enjoy! -4londe

Stitches tutorial!

Looks like Cabin 4 gets an exclusive extra craft tutorial to take home! It’s Stitches from Animal Crossing! Special thanks to hndrewaussie for all the hard work. If the blog stays up, feel free to share your own finished products! -4londe

I made up a little tutorial for making your own little Stitches!

You’ll need: appropriately colored felt or fleece (light green, dark green, blue, light purple, orange, dark orange, and white), matching thread plus brown thread (or all brown thread if you want to give him a super stitchy look), stuffing, and these pattern pieces (one, two). Be sure your printer doesn’t scale the patterns down weird!

Step one: cut out the pieces you need. These are all in Japanese but I’ve edited the pattern links in this tutorial.

Step two: because Stitches’ legs aren’t the same color as his body, cut the legs off the front and bottom pieces. Use the cut off legs to make correctly colored leg pieces, being sure to leave a little extra room along the cut lines. You’ll need extra length there for when you sew the legs back onto the body. If you’re unfamiliar with cutting out patterns, keep in mind a dotted line is a fold! Fold your fabric in half, put the dotted line up to the fold, then trace the pattern and cut it out. It’ll give you a piece twice as large as the pattern piece, mirrored at the dotted line.

Step three: the “tail” piece is actually an ear for another animal this pattern creates so cut it short to make it more  like Stitches’ tail.

Step 4: take the head front and sew it along the slanted line. Cut a small strip of light purple fabric that reaches a little more than halfway down the head and sew it over your stitch. Cut a white oval and stitch that over the end. Remember to use the right colored thread! After that, stitch on the eyes, nose and mouth.

Step five: take the front of each ear piece and sew an appropriately colored circle to its center. Then place the ear back OVER the sewn circle and sew the two pieces together. Flip the piece inside out for a completed ear! Sew the arm pieces together and flip them inside out as well.

Step six: sew a strip of light purple fabric down the head back. Then, stuff the ears and place them backwards inside the front of the head (so they’ll face the right direction when flipped inside out-they’re placed wrong in this picture. it was just a really awkward picture in general to pose). Put the back of the head inside out over the ears and sew the head all together leaving a hole at the neck. Flip the head inside out and stuff it!

Step seven: put the cut leg pieces on the cut bottom and front body pieces and stitch them together. Then align the two together and stitch. Line up the back piece with the front+bottom combo and stitch it in, being sure to pin the tail on so you stitch that into its hindquarters. After that just stitch the head to the body and you’re done!

Now you have your very own naked Stitches!